Finding a New Home for Your Pet…

We understand how difficult the decision is to rehome a pet. If you absolutely must find a new home for your furry family member, we want to help you do so without surrendering them to a shelter. No matter how nice an animal shelter is, it is no replacement for a loving home. Along with contacting the rescue organizations we work with, the following resources can assist you in your rehoming journey.

Adopt-a-Pet Rehome
  1. Set up a profile
  2. Review applications
  3. Meet potential adopters
  4. Finalize the adoption
Get Your Pet
  1. Set up a profile
  2. Message potential adopters
  3. See the vet
  4. Finalize the adoption

In an Emergency…

In the case that you must quickly and temporarily rehome your pet, it is best to find a setting closely resembling home. The best help is probably someone you already know who would be willing to take your pet.

  • Family or friends
  • Your veterinarian
  • Pet Suites Dayton*
  • Huber Heights Animal Hospital*
  • Miami Valley Animal Hospital*
    *involves boarding fees

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