Lost and Found

Every day, stray dogs are picked up by our Animal Care and Control Officers or brought to our facility by private citizens. Many of these dogs are beloved family members that simply got lost and need a little help getting home. If you have lost your cat or find a stray cat, please visit our cat services page.

If you lost your dog

While we make every attempt to reunite lost dogs with their owners, preferably avoiding the shelter entirely, we encourage you to start here.

Checking our lost dogs page and coming directly to the shelter provides the best opportunity to identify your dog and take them back home. Because it is difficult to identify dogs based on basic descriptors, we do not conduct lost and found searches over the phone. Please stop by during normal business hours to reunite with your pet.

View Lost Dogs at ARC

In some cases, a private citizen may choose to provide a temporary home for a lost dog. In this case, we require the citizen to complete a report at the Animal Resource Center and ask that they create a secondary report directly on Pet Harbor.

View Lost Dogs Found by the Public

If your dog is not at the shelter and has not been found by the public, stop by or call us at (937) 898-4457 and we will create a Lost Dog Report to share with our Animal Care and Control team. Registering your pet as lost, in addition to contacting us to create a report, can increase your chances of reuniting with your dog.

Register a Dog Lost

If you find a stray dog

By law, every dog should be wearing a current dog license. If you find a dog that is wearing a Montgomery County license tag, you can look up a tag number to find the name, address and phone number of the owner. Alternatively, you may call us at (937) 898-4457 and we will provide you with the owner’s information so the dog can be returned without Animal Control being involved. If the license is from a different county, please visit the Ohio County Dog Warden’s Association, choose the appropriate county and contact their shelter directly. Similarly, if you find a dog with a rabies tag please call Public Health – Dayton & Montgomery County at (937) 225-4460 and they will be able to trace an owner.

If you find a dog that is not wearing a license and you are willing to provide a temporary home, bring them to the Animal Resource Center where we will scan for a microchip and complete a Found Dog Report. If you are unable to bring the dog to our facility, please call us at (937) 898-4457. To increase the chances that the dog is reunited with its owner, please also register the dog as found.

Register a Dog Found

If the dog’s owner cannot be located and you are unable to provide a temporary home, please call or visit the Animal Resource Center for further assistance.