Lost and Found

If you lost your dog

See if it’s at the Animal Resource Center or if another member of the public found your pup:

View Lost Dogs at ARC

View Lost Dogs Found by the Public

Still can’t find your dog?

Stop by or call us at (937) 898-4457 and we will create a Lost Dog Report to share with our Animal Care and Control team.

You can also register your dog as lost below.

Register a Dog Lost

If you find a stray dog

Is it wearing a license?

Look up the license number at the link below to find the owner:

Look up a dog license registration

Does it have a rabies tag?

Call Public Health – Dayton & Montgomery County at (937) 225-4460 and they will be able to find the owner’s information for you.

Does it have a microchip?

Checking for a microchip requires a special scanning tool. Many local police departments have one of these tools, or the Animal Resource Center can scan for a microchip.

To increase the chances that the dog is reunited with its owner, please also register the dog as found.

Register a Dog Found

If the dog’s owner cannot be located and you are unable to provide a temporary home, please call or visit the Animal Resource Center for further assistance.