Lost and Found

If you lost your dog

See if it’s at the Animal Resource Center or if another member of the public found your pup:

View Lost Dogs at ARC

View Lost Dogs Found by the Public

Still can’t find your dog?

Stop by or call us at (937) 898-4457 and we will create a Lost Dog Report to share with our Animal Care and Control team.

You can also register your dog as lost below.

Register a Dog Lost

If you find a stray dog

Is it wearing a license?

Look up the license number at the link below to find the owner:

Look up a dog license registration

Does it have a rabies tag?

Call Public Health – Dayton & Montgomery County at (937) 225-4460 and they will be able to find the owner’s information for you.

Does it have a microchip?

Checking for a microchip requires a special scanning tool. Most vet offices, local police departments and animal shelters have scanners, or we can also scan for a microchip at the Animal Resource Center.

Has it been reported as lost?

Many lost dogs are reported to the Animal Resource Center, or online at 24PetConnect. Check to see if the dog has been reported as lost here:

View Dogs Reported as Lost
To increase the chances that the dog is reunited with its owner, please also register the dog as found.

Register a Dog Found