Keep your pets safe during a winter storm

As we prepare for the coming winter storm, remember to include your pets in your safety action plan. These tips can be boiled down to: if it’s too cold for you, it’s probably too cold for your pet. Stay prepared with a few tips that’ll keep your pet safe:

  1. Most important: bring your pets inside the home. The home is the safest place for your entire family during a winter storm, and this includes your pets.
  2. If your pet must stay outside, be sure you keep them as safe as possible with these tips:
    1. Provide an enclosed, draft-free shelter. Make sure to cover the entrance with a tarp or some similar covering.
    2. Elevate the shelter a few inches off the ground.
    3. Cover the shelter’s floor with lots of clean bedding (straw or cedar shavings underneath a blanket works great)
    4. Provide plenty of food.
    5. Fill and check your pet’s water bowl often. In cold temperatures, the water will freeze quickly, and needs to be replaced regularly. Frozen water will do a thirsty dog no good.

Keep updated on the winter storm at the National Weather Service’s website:

Track power outages at AES Ohio: