Holiday Safety Tips

The HOWLidays are here! Whether you like to go all out like the Griswolds or keep things a little more low-key, there are a few important tips to keep in mind when you’ve got pets at home. Keep scrolling for how to keep your furry friends healthy and happy while you “deck the paws!”


Secure the Tree

Alright, so that sounds more dramatic than we intended – but stick with us here! If you have pets dashing through the snow, and then your home, you’ll want to make sure your tree is going to stay upright should there be too many reindeer games going on. Invest in a sturdy tree stand and consider anchoring your tree to the wall or ceiling to prevent it from falling over and injuring your pet.

Watch the Water

If you’ve got a live tree, chances are you’re watering it regularly; and while it may look like your pet’s water dish – it’s not. Fertilizer used to protect the trees can seep into the water causing an upset stomach for Fido or Fluffy. Not only that, but stagnant water is a breeding ground for bacteria that can lead to nausea and/or diarrhea. Moral of the story? Make sure your pets always have access to fresh water and that they aren’t confusing the tree stand for their bowl.

Avoid a Décor Disaster

Those beautiful ornaments and tinsel covering your tree look an awful lot like your pet’s toys. If ingested, these items can cause intestinal blockages that require surgery. Take the extra steps to avoid any issues: use shatterproof ornaments, place them out of reach from curious critters, and skip the tinsel. While you’re at it, add holly and mistletoe to that list – we’re trying to avoid upset stomachs.

Let There Be Light

Aside from the obvious danger of your animals possibly knocking over a candle and causing a housefire, holiday lights in all their glorious shapes, colors and form can be a problem. If your pet has a bad habit of chewing on electric cords, they could shock and seriously injure themselves. Keep cords out of reach and consider using cord wraps or a chewing deterrent. Battery powered lights aren’t exactly a safe alternative either – if your pet gets ahold of any batteries, they can cause serious burns to the esophagus and mouth. As for that candle situation we mentioned, consider swapping them out for flameless candles.

Eat This, Not That…

If you haven’t caught on yet, our furry friends tend to have sensitive stomachs. Below are some holiday snacks to skip:

  • garlic & onions
  • raisins & grapes
  • cooked bones
  • chocolate

Of course, we understand that the holidays are a time for gathering, spending time with those you love and eating yummy food. Get your pets in on the festive fun and try these treats:

  • white meat turkey
  • bananas & apples
  • carrots
  • pumpkin puree