Doggy Gift Guide

2020 has been RUFF and the last thing you need going into the holiday season is the added stress of trying to find everyone the perfect gift. While we can’t help you with what to get your uncle Ted (another pair of socks or a tie will do, right?) we CAN help take the guesswork out of finding the perfect gift for your canine companion. Keep reading for tips on picking the perfect toy for your pup!


Chew Toys

A dog’s gotta chew what a dog’s gotta chew – but it would be nice if it wasn’t the TV remote or your couch cushions. If your pup likes to gnaw on things, look for durable toys such as nylon bones and Kong®-type toys.

The rubber should be tough enough to stand up to your dog’s chewing but have enough give that they won’t break a tooth. A good way to test this is by using your fingernail and pushing it into the toy – if it’s too tough for your nail to leave a temporary indent, it’s too tough for your pup’s teeth.

Plush Toys

For our more sensitive and cuddly four-legged friends, plush toys make a great gift! If your dog treats their toy as a companion, look for one that’s small enough for your dog to comfortably carry with them.

Even if your dog is a little rougher with their toys, there are plenty of options. Stuffless dog toys are a great alternative for those who like a soft toy but go a little overboard with the shaking from time to time.

With any toy, but especially stuffed, rope or cloth toys, make sure you’re there to supervise your pup’s playtime. For some, the temptation to eat these materials is strong, and the emergency vet visit WILL be expensive!

Fetch Toys

High energy dogs require high energy toys! Okay, and maybe some participation from you.

Tennis balls, frisbees and sticks are all great choices for the pup who just can’t stop. As an added bonus, when your dog interacts with you using these toys, they’re learning socialization skills and other commands such as “drop it” that can come in handy outside of playtime.

Puzzles & Treat Dispensers

You know what they say – boredom is the root of all evil… or something like that. The point is, a smart dog left to their own devices is bound to cause trouble. Puzzle toys and treat dispensers are the perfect option for those pups with an IQ to rival Einstein.

Many of these games require your pup to use their paws or snout to move the toy in certain ways to access a treat. If you’ve got a dog on a diet (darn those pesky holiday pounds!) there are options in which your dog works to pull toys out of another, larger toy.

2021 Dog License

Okay, so this one isn’t a toy, but you didn’t really think we were going to talk about gifts for dogs and not mention dog licensing, did you? At the end of the day, the best gift you can give your pup is a loving home – make sure they can always find their way back to yours with a valid year dog license.

2021 Montgomery County dog licenses are on sale now through Monday, February 1, 2021. Purchase yours online or find an outpost near you at

If you’re unsure if a toy is suitable for your particular pooch, talk to your vet! And be sure to always inspect toys for tears, sharp points, small pieces that could be ingested, etc. before giving them to your pup. To keep them from wearing out too fast, rotate toys regularly and replace them when necessary.