Community Update with Statistics from March 2020

In March 2020…

  • We had a 89.6% live release rate
  • 152 dogs and puppies found forever homes
  • 154 pets were spayed or neutered
  • Our officers returned 70 lost pets to their owners
  • Rescue partners helped rehome 29 dogs
  • We’ve completed 93% (162 items) of the Team Shelter USA recommendations and are in the process of completing the remaining 7%

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2 responses to “Community Update with Statistics from March 2020

  1. Hi. I am trying to find a forever home for a cat that was abandoned. She is very loving. She recently had a littler of kittens so we brought her and the babies inside so critters wouldnt harm her or them. We just dold our house and are unable to take her with us due to the fact we have 2 senior cats that do not get alongg with her. We have posted the kittens and her on Facebook in hopes to find homes. We will pay to have her spayed or make a donation. Please if you could help outt that would be great. Ive already filled out and application for sisca but they are backed up. This is an urgent matter because we have to be out of our house very soon. Thank you

    1. Hello! Unfortunately, we no longer provide shelter for lost or stray cats. Another local option is the Humane Society of Greater Dayton.

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