Community update with statistics from July 2019

The Animal Resource Center has made some great strides in the last month. Most notably, we have hired a new Director of Veterinary Services to oversee all aspects of our vet clinic. All our staff is extremely excited about the addition of Dr. Kathryn Storm to the Animal Resource Center team. I have full confidence that Dr. Storm will help take our clinic to the next level, along with the rest of the ARC.

We deployed additional resource materials to support responsible pet ownership so dogs remain in homes rather than coming to the shelter. We’re also working on protocols for tracking our Foster program, which we plan to get off the ground soon. It has taken a lot of effort to get to this point, but we want to make sure we can deploy that program with as few hiccups as possible. The addition of foster care homes will greatly decrease the stress on pets being in the shelter and give many more a chance at finding their forever home.

I’m also excited that we’ll be participating for the first time ever in NBC’s Clear the Shelters event on Saturday, August 17. We’ve been working with our local affiliate, WDTN, in this nationwide event. The ARC will have extended hours on Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., to offer even more chance for adopters to find that perfect pet. We hope to see a lot of empty kennels after that day with all our adoptable dogs finding their new home.

And once again, I’d like to thank the community, our media partners, our rescue partners, and all our social media fans for continuing to support us in our goal of finding new homes for these dogs. Your support means so much to our staff, and, of course, to the animals in need at ARC.

Robert Gruhl
Animal Resource Center
(937) 898-4457

July 2019 statistics August 16, 2019 progress report