Community update with statistics from June 2019

It’s sometimes hard to believe how much things can change in a short period of time. I’ve been at the Animal Resource Center for over seven months now, and I’m thrilled with the amount of support we’ve seen. Like so many others, we’ve been through a major water line break in February and the May tornadoes since I joined the ARC team. Through everything, I’ve been impressed with the dedication of our staff and with the support of the community.

We’re continuing to push ahead and make progress. Our staff has now completed 110 of the 174 recommendations from our evaluation by the public shelter consultants Team Shelter, who visited the ARC last November. We also had another month above the 90-percent live release rate, at 92.1 percent.

There were 150 pets who found new homes last month through adoption, and we’re excited each time one of the dogs wags their tail as they walk out the door with a new family. On June 22nd, we held a free adoption event, with fees covered through a generous donation from the estate of Miss Pauline Wilson. In that one day, 21 dogs found new homes.

Our staff also worked hard this month on identifying stray dogs who had come in from the areas affected by the tornadoes. To allow more time for owners to claim, we increased the hold period from the legally mandated three days to 10 days for unlicensed dogs from those areas. We’ll continue that extended hold period through July 15.

We’ve had a lot happen, and we’ve come a long way. I have no doubt that we’ll continue to move forward and work through the challenges, just like we have these last seven months. Thank you to everyone in the community who has supported and continues to support the Animal Resource Center.

Robert Gruhl
Animal Resource Center
(937) 898-4457

June statistics graphic Animal Resource Center progress report July 12
June 2019 statistics July 12, 2019 progress report