Community update with statistics from February 2019

In looking through the most recent update for the Animal Resource Center, I’m delighted at our staff’s hard work to help our community’s animals. For both January and February, we’ve eclipsed 90 percent in our live release rate, which means more of the animals coming through the ARC are finding new homes, being reunited with their owners, or are heading to rescue organizations.

I’m consistently impressed with the support I’ve seen from the community. Early in February, we were nearing capacity at the ARC. We put out a call to the community through local media and followed with a Valentine-themed adoption event on Feb. 16. The response was incredible. We had 20 animals adopted the Friday before the event, and it wasn’t long into Saturday when all our adoptable pets had found their forever homes.

We also reached out to our rescue partners last month through an online survey. I’ve compiled those survey results, and I’ll be reaching out to those organizations soon to set up a meeting to discuss working together toward our common goal of finding homes for these animals.

Please read through our progress report and look at the Animal Resource Center’s statistics for February 2019. I’m proud to share both with you.

Thank you,

Robert Gruhl
Interim Director
Animal Resource Center
(937) 898-4457

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February 2019 statistics March 8, 2019 progress report