Community update with statistics from January 2019

I am thrilled to share with the community our most recent progress report. This past January, we achieved a live release rate of 90.3% and we found new homes for 99 pets. Those are the statistics I’m really happy about. As our live release rate has increased, we need help from citizens and our rescue organizations more than ever. Your partnership will ensure that we find loving homes for all the animals in our care.

We have started the process of reaching out to local rescue organizations to get feedback on our operations and services. I look forward to meeting with our rescue organizations to improve the trust and collaboration between our agencies, and to incorporate your feedback into our planning and process improvements.

We’ve also focused on promoting adoptions through Facebook and community events, and we will be hosting a special free adoption event on Saturday, Feb. 16, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. here at the shelter. A generous sponsor has donated to cover license fees so all adoptions will be 100% free at this event. I’m looking forward to finding homes for all of our adoptable pets!

Please take a look at our detailed progress report, as well as our January 2019 statistics. I welcome the community’s input and feedback.

Robert Gruhl
Interim Director
Animal Resource Center
(937) 898-4457

January 2019 statistics February 8, 2019 progress report