Team Shelter USA public meeting “Animal Shelter Best Practices”

Team Shelter USA is assessing Montgomery County’s Animal Resource Center from November 26-30. After the assessment, Team Shelter will provide a written report to the ARC with suggestions to both reduce intake at the shelter and increase the live release rate of animals who are taken into the center. Dr. Sara Pizano created Team Shelter USA, and her team includes Dr. Becca Boronat of the Charleston SC Animal Society, Cameron Moore from the University of Florida, and Dr. Kim Sanders of Anderson County (SC) PAWS.

On Tuesday, Nov. 28, Pizano held a community presentation on Team Shelter’s processes and the methods they’ve used to increase the live release rate in other communities, including Waco, Texas; Campbell County, Kentucky; Murray County, Georgia; and Anderson County, South Carolina.

Strategies to increase live release rates include: coalition building, targeted spay/neuter programs, community-minded enforcement, and managed admissions to the shelter, which including finding ways to help pet owners keep pets in their homes or helping an owner place a pet directly into another home.

Pizano’s PowerPoint presentation is available for download in PDF format.